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April 28 - May 5, 2018 in Dresden, Tennessee

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From row crops to livestock, agriculture is the largest industry in Weakley County. Ranging in size from family agri-tourism businesses to multi-million dollar corporate operations, agricultural ventures are the heart and soul of Weakley County commerce. In 2017, Weakley County farmers produced the second largest amount of corn and the second largest amount of soybeans in the state of Tennessee.

Beneath the important economics of agriculture lie the values and legacies of farm life. Weakley County is home to 31 Century Farms, which are farms that have remained in one family continuously for 100 years or more. The earliest settlers of Weakley County were farmers and today, generations later, many of their descendants continue to make a living from the land. Principles like hard work, honesty, generosity, and friendship live in the hearts and lives of Weakley County farmers. The seasons of the year change from planting to harvest and back again, but the character and integrity of the local farmers remains steadfast. A love for the land and for the people that call it home makes these men and women a silent strength of our community. Countless farmers have participated in county and city government, worked in civic organizations, volunteered in fire departments and rescue squads, and served in local churches.

Farming makes Weakley County grow and thrive. The 2018 Iris Festival proudly and gratefully salutes these community heroes for all their many contributions to the life of our citizens.

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April 28 - May 5, 2018

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