Past Honoraries



  • Grand Marshal(s): Richard and Connie Killebrew/ Elton and Glennis Hamilton
  • Citizen of the Year: Danny Forrester
  • Golden Irises: Doug Shook and Shirley Smethwick
  • Volunteer of the Year: Dickie Hart


  • Grand Marshal(s): Paul Jolley
  • Citizen of the Year: Gwin Anderson
  • Golden Irises:  Johnny Kemp Kenneth & Norma Williams
  • Volunteer of the Year: David and Amy Lewellen


  • Grand Marshal(s): Mike Wilson
  • Citizen of the Year: Ricky Finney
  • Golden Irises:  Lillian Stoker, Lucille Rainbolt, Ralph and Sue Cooper
  • Volunteer of the Year: Richard and Joy Adams


  • Grand Marshal(s): Ben and Jennifer Moore and Andy and Ellie Holt
  • Honorary Grand Marshalls: 2011 Dresden High School Football Team and Dresden Cross Country State Qualifiers
  • Citizen of the Year: Allen Strawbridge
  • Golden Irises: Tem and Kathy Chandler, Joyce Hurt, and Judge James Bradberry
  • Volunteer of the Year: Leigh Hart


  • Grand Marshal(s): Terry Oliver, Former Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Honorary Grand Marshalls: 2010 Dresden High School Football Team
  • Citizen of the Year: Sarah Ann Pentecost
  • Golden Irises: Harold Blakemore, Emily Lewellen, Beverly Stott
  • Volunteer of the Year: Kerry Cooper


  • Grand Marshal(s): 194th Engineering Brigade
  • Citizen of the Year: Tom Reavis
  • Golden Irises: Joe & Carolyn Moon, Charles Alley, Judy Freeman
  • Volunteer of the Year: Cans for Kids Projects, Chairperson – Tilman Arant


  • Grand Marshal(s): Lin Dunn
  • Honorary Grand Marshalls: Past Chairpersons of the Easter Parade & Iris Festival
  • Citizen of the Year: Bobby Goode
  • Golden Irises: Gertie Shefield, Ted Kelly, and Billy & Wanda Powell
  • Volunteer of the Year: Mike Parham


  • Grand Marshal(s): Miss Tennessee Grace Gore
  • Citizen of the Year: Tommy Thomas
  • Golden Irises: June Howard, Laurie Pritchett, Bonnie Jones


  • Grand Marshal(s): State Senator Lowe Finney
  • Honorary Grand Marshalls: 1987 Dresden High School Baseball Team
  • Citizen of the Year: County Commissioner Jimmy Westbrook
  • Volunteer of the Year: Lou Ann Powers
  • Golden Irises: Shirley Alexander, Edith Dilday, and Mary Myrick


  • Grand Marshal(s): Dresden Civic Clubs: Dresden Rotary Club, Dresden Lions Club, Dresden Pilot Club
  • Citizen of the Year: Jerry Moubray
  • Volunteer of the Year: Master Gardeners
  • Golden Irises: Reverend Harold T. Conner, Sr., Rebecca McClain King, and Nancy Matlock


  • Grand Marshal(s): Chad Clifton
  • Honorary Grand Marshall: Suzie German
  • Citizen of the Year: Junior Moore
  • Volunteer of the Year: Joyce Reynolds
  • Golden Irises: Kay Salmon, Lynda Shannon, Barbara Hutcherson, Tillman Arrant, Wanda Arrant, and Verna Marcus.


  • Theme: “Reminiscing”
  • Grand Marshal(s): Incorporators of the First Festival: Bill Featherstone, Sandra Klutts, Joan Foland, Tom Reavis, Eulaine and Bobby Moubray, Billie Jean Mansfield, Tom Beard, Mike Parrish, and Tem Chandler.
  • Honorary Grand Marshalls: TN National Guard Unit 1174
  • Citizen of the Year:
  • Golden Irises:


  • Theme: “Patriotic”
  • Grand Marshall(s): George Thomas
  • Citizen of the Year: Tommy Moore
  • Golden Irises: Allen Strawbridge, James H. Westbrook, James Wayne Moubray, Madge Winstead, Sarah Ann Pentecost, Gladys L. Simmons, Lowell Moubray, and “Woody” Covington


  • Grand Marshal(s): Eddie Capps
  • Citizen of the Year: Richard D. Hutcherson, DDS
  • Golden Irises: Mike Pentecost, Royal Pinkston, Lou Ann Powers, Mignon Mayo, Camille Amann, and Guynell Holman


  • Theme: “Saluting the Volunteer Spirit”
  • Grand Marshal(s):Dresden Veterans from the US Armed Forces: Wayne Fisher, Bill McClain, Steven Warrilow, Dan Honeycutt, William D. Bradley, William Miller, and Calvin Shobe
  • Citizen of the Year: Joan Foland
  • Golden Irises: Jane Jeter Walker, Sue Maddox, Frances Nell Perry, Nell Winfrey, Carol Hutcherson, W.M. White, Walter Bennett, & Fred Stoker

Current Honoraries


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